What size is a cord?

When it comes to firewood, a cord is still the unit everyone goes by. But unfortunately it can mean different things. There is the legal cord or full cord with 128 cubic feet of neatly stacked firewood. Thats a stack 4’ high 8’ long and 4’ deep. Often firewood is sold as a face cord where the stack is 4’ high by 8’ wide but only 16” deep. It is exactly one third of a full cord. If your firewood gets delivered as a pile it is very difficult to confirm the quantity received.

Our Bags help you with that because you are getting the same size bag every time. One cubic meter of loose firewood. The following graphic should visualize better what that actually means.


5 Bags = One Cord

If you want to compare prices you should calculate that approximately 1/5th of a full cord (20%) is one bag. That way the conversion follows all official measures to get from the selling unit of 1 cubic meter loose to a full cord. One Bag is therefore 60% of a face cord. We are confident that we are packing more than that in the bags so you will end up with some extra on top.

Note that measuring firewood is more of an art form than exact science. You can get close but in the end it is a natural product with irregularities and imperfections. If you measured our wood and want to share your findings with us please send us an email to info@mapleseed.farm.