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"The idea is this: deliver best-in-class maple firewood in a way that’s clean, manageable, and accommodating"

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Why Mapleseed

Better wood

It all comes back to the wood. Our high-quality maple is renowned for its sustained heat, higher temperatures, and optimal moisture content that leads to less smoke. We store our wood indoors and shielded from the elements – no more grey or dirty wood.

Easier orders

We’re proud to offer a best-in-class product that’s accompanied by an industry-first ordering method and delivery platform. Simply submit your order online, and your wood will be delivered to a location of your choosing in a mess-free, recyclable container unit.

Sustainable forestry

Responsible management of the Maple Seed property is as crucial to our vision as our superior firewood or modern ordering platform. Sustainable forestry and recyclable delivery units are just some of the ways we’re investing in the future.

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