Mapleseed Firewood

Maple Smoker Wood

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Wood that is specifically selected to give you the best experience with your BBQ Smoker. Designed to be as close as possible to the optimal moisture content of 20%, that is why we split selected logs after you've placed the order. The chunks are 8 inch long to fit your smoker easily. 

Please note that the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) for wood stored outside in Halifax varies between 13-17% depending on the season. Therefore, how you store your wood and for how long, will determine how fast it dries out. Our recommendation is to measure the moisture from time to time to get a feel for your specific storage location. Don't store it inside, it will dry out faster! 

If you need larger quantities for a business please contact us, we are happy to work with your specific needs. 

Because we produce to order, the lead times are up to 4 weeks at the moment. Please add an additional $50 to your order for shipping costs

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