Why a website?

October 05, 2017

The morning started like any other autumn weekday. The reliable arrival of the AM alarm, the aroma of coffee, and the inevitable rush to make it out the door and onto the road before traffic became a nuisance. In the case of that morning, traffic would be the least of my problems, and arriving at any of my destinations on time became an impossibility.

Stepping out the door, I was greeted by a six-foot-high pile of firewood, seemingly ‘dropped’ off long before my morning alarm would warn me. Smack-dab in the centre of my driveway, and certainly barring any exit, was the firewood I had ordered to warm my home.

Little did I know I was also ordering a significant and untimely list of to-dos. I inherited the need to both relocate and stack the wood, as well as cleaning the driveway, less the formidable mound of woodchips by scattered across my property by the wind. Needless to say, I was far from ready to tackle these items alongside the brisk autumn air on a weekday morning.

While I attended to these tasks the wheels were turning in my head. How the timing could’ve been anticipated if my order had been accompanied by a schedule; the mess and stacking avoided with the use of simple mesh bags; the inconvenience dodged if I had been asked where best to leave the wood.

On and on the wheels spun, and it became clear to me that many small impracticalities came together to form this mess of a morning. A mess that really shouldn’t have been an issue in 2016. I thought about the way I engaged with the other services and products in my life, and it hit me.

A website. The modern epitome of clear, hassle-free shopping. Here, Atlantic Canadians could order their preferred amount of firewood online, and indicate ideal delivery times or special notes regarding their property. Backed by the sort of best-in-class firewood you’d choose over the competition, and it was a platform sure to succeed.

Fast forward today, and we’re proud to say we’re among the first to be delivering firewood on the East Coast of Canada powered by an eCommerce website. Our maple firewood is locally grown and sustainably managed. We deliver our firewood to you in recyclable mesh bags that drastically reduce the mess and make relocation a breeze.

We hope you enjoy the website and the ordering process as much as we do! No more surprise piles of wood.