The Launch of Maple Seed!

September 20, 2017

The time has come. The air is a little crisper; the horizon is changing from greens to reds; Summer is making way for Autumn and Winter alike. The chill will soon arrive, and with it comes the desire for warmth. On that note, we’re excited to be launching Maple Seed on, and to be sharing the first steps of our journey with you!

Maple Seed Firewood Delivery was an idea sparked during one fateful morning, when I awoke to be greeted by a mountain of firewood, leisurely dumped in the middle of my driveway and, consequently, in the middle of my regular weekday-morning hustle. No doubt delivered during the wee hours of the AM, it was this labour-intensive and time consuming obstacle that made Maple Seed’s soon-to-be mission, clear.

The idea is this: deliver best-in-class maple firewood in a way that’s clean, manageable, and accommodating. Our eCommerce website was built specifically to make ordering and scheduling the delivery of your firewood easier than ever. Orders are delivered in large, recyclable bags that keep wood dry, maintain its optimal moisture content, and leave woodchip messes where they belong: in the past. No more surprise mounds of wood carelessly discarded on your property. Welcome to Maple Seed Firewood Delivery.

Naturally, sustainability is at the forefront of our endeavour. In addition to preserving the health and beauty of our Atlantic Canadian acres, intelligent and responsible forestry empowers us with an abundant and renewing supply of maple trees that yield a superior firewood product. Less smoke, more heat – better fuel. We’re proud to support and initiate economic, social, and cultural developments that point to a better future, and alternative heating is just the beginning.

That’s all there is to it! We hope you enjoy the new site and our convenient online ordering system. It’s the first step towards your scheduled delivery of maple firewood, and a welcome reprieve from spending your spare time splitting, stacking, and sweeping. We’re changing the status quo, and hope you’ll join us.

Stay warm.